things to consider

Sustainability is very important to me. You might check the following before buying a new piece.

  • Does this piece fit in your dream wardrobe or is it an impulse buy?
  • Will this make getting dressed easier? Think about where and when you will wear the item. In the best case you will wear it for several different occasions.
  • Does it go with your other things? Think of your favorite pants, skirt, dress and a pair of shoes.
  • Will it elevate the other staples of your wardrobe? This should be the ideal for any new item that you add to your closet.
  • Will you take good care of it? Think of it as an investment in yourself. And if it does break, will you fix it?
  • It’s always great to have a priority list to look at when it comes to buying clothes.
  • When investing in your wardrobe look out for timeless pieces, not only short termed trends.
  • For any great wardrobe, you should be able to give up one thing in order to add a new one. Maybe think about donating, gifting or selling the other one.
  • If you really want something, think it over and save up for it. The excitement for it will last a lot longer than the fast joy of something easily accessible.
  • Think about shopping as a luxury. Always choose one item that you will cherish forever, over 10 things that won’t make it to next season